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Αυτή η fitness blogger έχασε 70.000 followers σε μια νύχτα κάνοντας μια μόνο ανακοίνωση

Πώς μπορείς να χάσεις 70.000 followers σε μια νύχτα κάνοντας μια μόνο κίνηση;

Η fitness blogger, Sophie Gray, έχει την απάντηση.

Αρκεί να ανακοινώσεις ότι δεν θα ανεβάσεις ξανά φωτογραφία με μαγιό. Και πουφ… 70.000 followers εξαφανίζονται σε μια νύχτα.

«Δεν θα ξαναδείτε φωτογραφίες με το κορμί μου έτσι στο Instagram για αυτόν τον λόγο. Οι κοιλιακοί και τα αδύνατα πόδια δεν θα σας κάνει ευτυχισμένους. Η πίτσα και τα μπισκότα είναι πεντανόστιμα», έγραψε και αμέσως είδε τους followers της να μειώνονται από 430.000 σε 360.000.

Τώρα δηλώνει πιο ευτυχισμένη. Τότε την κυρίευε το άγχος ότι ποτέ το σώμα της δεν ήταν τέλειο. Και κάποια στιγμή συνειδητοποίησε ότι και οι followers της θα αντιμετώπιζαν το ίδιο πρόβλημα βλέποντας τις φωτογραφίες της. Έτσι αποφάσισε να σταματήσει. Τώρα ανεβάζει φωτογραφίες χωρίς μακιγιάζ και άλλες καθημερινές εικόνες από τη ζωή της.

I’m called brave for being myself, for owning my truth and sharing the real side of my life through social media. How fucking sad is that? It’s sad because filtered photos are the norm when it comes to social media. It’s sad because it’s unique to actually celebrate yourself. It’s sad because, as women, we have blindly accepted the truth that who we actually are isn’t worth being seen. I am fucking over it. I am over pretending to be okay when my body get sexualized. I am over laughing at jokes that aren’t funny. I am over worrying about how I look when I go out. I am over being ashamed of my body. I am over feeling like I need to put makeup, brush my hair and put myself together to be seen as socially acceptable. I am over being someone other than my fucking self. I want you to be over it, too. I want YOU to celebrate YOU. Not the person you think you should be. Not the person you pretend to be for validation. Not the person who’s more widely accepted in this world. Not the person who’s silencing their truth. You, I want you to be you. Because who you are is fucking awesome. #loveyourself @traceyjazminphoto

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Today I had breakfast, went to the farmers market, had chocolate covered almonds, lunch, and this doughnut. I also plan to work out, go to the dog park and have dinner. To some this may sound like a super average day. And it is – but to me, this is the type of day «the fitness @wayofgray» was having me miss out on. For her, there was always a photo shoot coming up. What if those chocolate covered almonds ruined the photos? What if the workout wasn’t tough enough? BREAD?! I know this may sound silly. I may be called vain, or foolish or some other word to belittle my experience. Not understanding this experience doesn’t mean it wasn’t real for me. You may also think I’m encouraging others to be unhealthy, and that’s not it either. I understand that @wayofgray’s old images may have been inspiring. And, to that I say there are tons of those accounts you can follow for those images. But, I know those images were damaging for many. While I believe we all must take accountability for our experiences, it doesn’t make contributing to others insecurities any easier. But, most importantly, those images made Sophie Gray feel inadequate. Everything I did revolved around those photos. I was constantly worrying about my body image because my «worth» through this channel depended on it. Again, this can make me seem vain. But, I was the one behind the account for 3 years. I saw what images performed better. I saw what people wanted to see – fitter, thinner, more defined, & perfect. This is why @wayofgray is what it is now. This is why I’m here talking about accepting the shit out of yourself. This is why I want you to fucking love yourself. Because, if you always think you have to be something to be enough, you never will be. But, if you can wrap your head around the truth that you are enough exactly as you are, freedom awaits you. Freedom from others judgement. Freedom from your food fears. Freedom from your insecurities. And freedom from needing to be someone or something other than yourself. You, exactly as you are now, are enough. PS.. quiz through my link in my bio to see how you feel about yourself! Plus free gifts! 😘❤️

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Hi, I’m Sophie Gray. No, not @wayofgray. I have two sisters, my parents are Scottish. I currently live with the love of my life and our two puppies. No, I’m not just some «Instagram Model» here to look at. I easily get overwhelmed with emotions. I cry during movie trailers about dogs. I also cry while looking at my puppies because I love them so much. No, I’m not some emotionless computer screen that easily shrugs off mean comments. Growing up, I never had a large group of friends and wasn’t liked by many people. I also now have a wonderful group of girlfriends who support me no matter what. No, I’m not «just another popular girl who thinks she’s important enough to share her life online.» I’m also not «some loser who people only like on the Internet.» I love cookies, and pizza, and Netflix, and donuts, and ice cream and basically all unhealthy food. I also love green smoothies and super foods. No, I’m not some «twig bitch» who eats nothing and doesn’t understand what cravings are. I’m also not the healthiest eater in the room. I stay home 99.9% of the time on weekends. But, I also love to go out dancing. No, I’m not trying to be liked by everyone and be seen at all times. I know what it likes to not want to be Sophie Gray. My experiences with self harm and suicide make that very clear. I know what it’s like to create a persona and play pretend. I know what it’s like to want to be anyone other than yourself. Why do you think you see me as @wayofgray? But, it’s time to stop pretending. It’s time to take off the mask. It’s time to own who I truly am. So no, I’m not @wayofgray. I’m not an Instagram Model or someone who’s overly emotional. I’m also not emotionless or super popular. I’m not the healthiest eater or your fitspo. I’m not outgoing or totally introverted. I’m also not my past or my future. I’m not something that can be labeled and written off. I’m Sophie Gray. And I want us all to stop pretending, own who we are and accept the shit out of that person.

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